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Home Loans made simple

We'll keep in touch with you every step of the way, from understanding your needs to the settlement of your home and beyond.

1. First, we'll meet

We'll contact you to arrange a suitable time and advise you of any documentation required for the meeting. 

2. Then we'll discuss your requirements

We need to understand your needs, budget and lifestyle so we can assess what the best home loan options are for you. We will discuss how much you can borrow, what your repayments will be and how different home loans can save you money and work better for you.

3. We'll review your application

Upon receipt of all your supporting documents, we'll review your application, prepare our supporting material, and submit your application to the banks and lenders.

4. We'll keep you informed

As we hear back from the banks and lenders we'll keep you fully informed regarding the progress of your application and any further requirements the banks or lenders may have.

5. Together we'll review your loan options

We'll prepare a summary of the approvals we have received and arrange a time to meet. We'll use our expertise to help you compare and choose the best home loan from the offers available. Then we'll assist you to make a well-informed decision and gain the best possible deal.

6. Sign Your Loan Documentation

Whether refinancing or purchasing a home, once you have decided on the bank or lender and the structure of your loan you will be required to sign loan documentation with your solicitor.

7. We'll Keep In Touch

Our service doesn't end at settlement, we will continue to keep you informed on Home Loan options, advise you when any fixed rates are due to expire and continue to review your home loan requirements as your needs, budget and lifestyle change.
what we do 


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