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Checklist of items required


When applying for a mortgage there are some standard items you will be required to provide to us that will assist in the quick and efficient processing of your mortgage application.  Please prepare for your interview by collating the information below and bringing as much as is listed below as possible.

1. Mortgage application
Completed and signed mortgage application. Either apply directly online, or preferably contact us direct for a writable PDF version of the mortgage application as well as checklist. 
2. Confirmation of income
- last three pay slips or letter/contract signed by your employer or
- copies of the last two years financial accounts if self employed, signed by an accountant to confirm your taxable income per annum.

3. Proof of deposit/equity
Evidence of any deposit or equity (if relevant). Copies of last three months savings accounts or letter from your kwiwsaver provider confirming your withdraw amount.
4. Gifted Funds
If you are receiving any gifted funds we can supply a gifting statement to be signed to confirm the funds.

5. Copies of the last three months transactional bank statements
From account where your income(s) are credited. Statements must show your name and running balances. (Please Note: Excel statements are not acceptable to any lenders).

6. Copies of the six months mortgage statements
If looking to-re-finance from another financial institution.

7. Identification - copy of passport, drivers licence, etc
Copy of photo ID (passport pr drivers licence) for all applicants. Confirmation of permanent residency or working visa if applicable.

8. Copy of the Trust Deed (fully signed)
If borrowing or security is to be in the name of a trust.  
(if applicable).

9. Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and Constitution
If borrowing or security is to be in the name of a company.
(if applicable).

10. A fully signed copy of the Agreement of Sale and Purchase
Signed and dated by both parties (if purchasing a new property). Please Note: this can come later.
11. Registered Valuation
Being less than three months old and addressed to the lending institution (if required by the lender).

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