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What is a Mortgage Adviser?

A Mortgage Adviser is someone who can deal with many different main stream banks (in many cases your existing lender) as well as other second tier lenders to get you the home loan that best suits your needs.
We are on your side and will help you put in place the best mortgage structure/plan to benefit you going forward.

What will it cost me to use a Mortgage Adviser?

Nothing, the service is FREE. There are no costs for the Adviser's service and no hidden costs from the bank.  


How does the Adviser get paid?

The bank pays the Mortgage Adviser a commission based upon the amount of the lending and this is not in anyway passed onto the client through the loan. (Some second tier lenders do charge a brokerage fee).

How long does the process take?

Under normal circumstances the turn around time for a straight forward lending scenario is approximately 72 hours on average. We have been known to obtain approvals within three hours (no pressure).

Is it a one off experience?

No definitely not. We offer an on-going service to all of our clients. We can deal with the re-fix of your interest rates when they expire, re-financing and topping up the amount of your home loan. We can also arrange future finance for purchasing investment property and bridging finance for when selling and buying to up grade or downsize.
We pride ourselves in making business personal and maintaining on-going relationships with all of our clients, we are here for the long haul.



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