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Where many people let themselves down is insurance.  When you buy a family home or investment and take a loan to fund the purchase you need to ensure your assets are going to be protected if something happens to you.


We believe the question you should ask yourself is 'how is my family going to cope with keeping our home in place if I am gone or unable to earn income due to disability or for health reasons?'  Buying a home is a major step and one you want to make sure is properly protected in the event of misfortune.

Don't ignore the insurance issue, address it!

We can refer you to an Insurance Adviser on your request.

Income Protection or Mortgage Repayment Insurance

How are you going to make loan payments if you become sick or lose your job.  You need to make sure you can still pay for the roof over your head. 

Trauma and Disability

Not only do you need to ensure your family is protected if you die, but what if you face serious disability or illness through an accident or health issue such as cancer or a heart attack?


Life Insurance

When you buy a property and take out a mortgage your risk profile changes dramatically.  You need to ensure your life insurance is still sufficient to cover your family’s needs if something happens to you.

Medical Insurance

Covers you for surgical and non surgical procedures in a private hospital.  Along with these costs, medical insurance can also cover the costs of specialist visits and diagnostic testing as well as part of any optical and dental costs.

Contents Insurance

While not essential, it is strongly recommended that you also insure the contents of your home.  Imagine the devastation if fire burned your house and all of it’s contents to the ground and you did not have your contents insured.


House Insurance

Insuring the house is essential.  The bank or lender will not advance the loan if the house is not adequately insured.



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